The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet I: “Keys to Truths Unrecognized

Page 30: Built into the Great Pyramid are two lions lying down together. It is really THEY (Thotmes and THOTH) who built the pyramid for the purposes of protecting the POSITIVE teachings from devastators determined to destroy them. Because of HIS meekness and tolerance the TWIN lion later became symbolized as a LAMB and this will explain the Biblical prophecy “THE LAMB AND THE LION SHALL LIE DOWN TOGETHER.

Page 35: TOTH or THOTH is understood to have been an incarnation of VIRGIN MARY, and THOTMES is shown as CHRIST whose thoughts were projected to the material part of HIS SOUL who carries out HIS IDEAS. Thus as He was the “IDEA” of GOD, SHE became HIS IDEA. For this reason some ancient records call Her “MOTHER IDEAN”. Another interpretation could be carried further to show it had something to do with the IDE of the Moslems and the name of the state, IDAHO.

News Letter No. 19

“A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM” spoken of in the Bible, has always been the manner in which God presented HIS Holy Son. The Child always grew up to be a great spiritual Leader of some nation needing help at the time. The Mother (symbolized as a goat) always came to lead the sheep by giving The Child. Her soul was incarnate in THOTH (THOT) of the Egyptians who carried the ANKH (key) to “His ways past finding out.” It is now time for the world to know that The Child was the ANKH (key) to TRUTH of any Age.

News Letter No. 23

While the “apparition” of Virgin Mary has been SEEN weeping by increasing numbers of souls who are reluctant to stir a public display, a Weeping Angel” has also been reported by many whose souls were “failing Divine Causes,” through misunderstandings of what response they should be making. The Mother always came first, gave the Child and suffered misunderstandings from mortals whose misconceptions prevented them from recognizing facts until too late. Those who have witnessed her face change from The Sphinx to George Washington whose features approximated the same form and who laid out the Thirteen States to honor the thirteen pieces of Osiris, have also recognized THOTH who carried “The ANK (key)” in every Age. Notice the key symbolized THE CHILD in its form. Who else would carry the KEY for every Age except The Mother who always gave The Child? HE was once called TUT (two crosses united in one), ANK (KEY). At that time both lived in the same body and wise Men of that Age symbolized their recognition by marking the head piece with proof, as well as putting “Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me” in the hands of the mummy.

News Letter No. 51

The “gods” of the Ancients were only their way of expressing the mortal conception of souls who had earned immortality, or “eternal life” with its ‘Cosmic Power” rewards. The idea, promising the same for all who earned the right, was clearly and simply expressed by Jesus in ‘The works that I do and even greater.” He knew of the unlimited possibilities of souls working their ways toward perfection and intelligence until becoming “One with the All” as THOTH so beautifully expressed it in his The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (click on title to visit the page). In that life Gabriel was Thoth (Thot) and Michael Thotmes (the Thinker) whose thoughts became Thoth. Sometimes they worked as two, inhabiting two forms, other times “The Thinker” remained on higher planes and kept a close rapport with the Infinite where the heavenly thinking was channeled through “The Thinker” to the one on the physical plane who then became as “The Thought” manifest. After “The Thinker” or Child of this Age was “caught up” from the physical plane, He has been manifesting through The Mother who at this time is the “Thought,” the same soul who was once called “Thoth.”

News Letter No. 52

Neither Jesus, nor any other great teacher of God’s wisdom ever declared that there is a limit on what a soul might hope to attain. Each worked to grow the souls of their converts, not to limit them to perverted ideas about inequality. They never said that only great religious Teachers could attain to “eternal life.” One has only to read “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (click on title to visit the page) to see what he understood long ago of the possibilities of the soul. Even after graduation from the necessity of more earthly lives of schooling, the soul grows in more and more intelligence, ever rising toward the Source. Whether it takes many lives to complete the “One with All” as THOTH so beautifully expressed it, the idea of unlimited possibilities of growth is the same.

News Letter No. 54

They also had reasons for using the alligator to symbolize the Positive soul of the first triad. This could be one of the reasons for a later name of “Allah” being linked with a name for God. Among the same people the other soul of the “first triad” was portrayed as a turtle. His shell was marked with divisions symbolizing how many “unseen” souls of authority served as a canopy of protection over him. The turtle (soul once called Aaron) is shown with the burden of the “rod” of power on his back, around which were entwined the crocodile (evil one) following and biting the tail of the alligator (Michael). The turtle is comparable to the usual understanding of Gabriel who became “the balancer,” and whose soul sometimes was symbolized with the “scales of justice” to “weigh the hearts,” (Anubis or THOTH).

News Letter No. 66

The heart, feather, staff (in the right hand), book or scroll (in the right hand) was used as symbols of the Positive faction. Also the Ankh symbol was the key of the Positive mysteries. THOTH, or the Son of the Father of that Age carried the KEY or ANKH which in truth symbolizes the ever incarnating Son of God, the key to all the mysteries. If one looks at it carefully the ANKH appears to be a Child, which in Truth it is, the Christ Child, the Key to everything good of every Age when He incarnated to be “all things to all men.”

News Letter No. 69

Reincarnation must be generally more understood before the world of thinkers on the third dimensional level can rise to advancements which are destined to become an intricate part of the New Age progress for mankind. “I DO” were very pleased at one time to read that Joseph Fielding Smith, now the President of the Mormon Church, stated a fact that we have long known, that “Noah is Elias.” We wonder if he would accept an extension of the genealogy of the same soul if we give the information that he was also David as well as Joseph Smith in other fruitful lives of services to God. The same soul in a previous incarnation is pictured as THOTH in Egypt when identified with Thotmes, the original builder of The Great Pyramid. It was Thoth who carried the KEY and guarded the Father’s records, whether symbolized as the Sphinx or another time as the faithful dog Anubis.

News Letter No. 77

Ø      The God who made the world and all therein has never deserted His loved ones who were “all created equal” in the beginning. He sent out sparks of His Divine intelligence and provided a way for each spark to grow into perfection which would finally make it possible to “become one with the ALL” as the Emerald Tablets of THOTH express so beautifully. For their Age, Thotmes was the “Thinker” or “Father” who became one with the Thought (Thoth). Those two souls, or two parts of one soul, have been called by many names and titles in hundreds of incarnations while helping the world from many angles. Sometimes they manifested in one form, The Father remaining on higher planes to keep a close rapport with The Son who was sometimes symbolized as the White Horse upon which The Father rode.

Ø      But speaking for our New Age we believe perhaps the Ankh is the most common symbol used by both factions, with neither really knowing the true significance. Perhaps some realize that it was known to the Ancients as “the key to the mysteries.” THOTH always carried the Ankh because his soul was known as the “protector or keeper of the Father’s records.” Jesus called The King of Kings “The Father” and at one time spoke of both “the keeper and The Father” as “The Fathers” because Michael and Gabriel worked together as one, even in one body at times. King Tut was an example of such a situation. The arrangement of symbolism on the mummy of King Tut showed that Wise Men of that Age recognized that fact. Thoth was the Gabriel soul in manifestation at that time. Another manifestation was Virgin Mary who also carried the KEY. Whether those who wear the Ankh symbol know it or not, that symbol represents “The Child” or “KEY” to all the mysteries of God, whose Son “The Key” always unlocked by giving new teachings to progress the world in each Age.

News Letter No. 81

The reincarnate Mother was born Feb. 7, which identifies her with Apollo, another known incarnation. Another “Truth” News Letter identified THOTH as the son of Thotmes, (surely not Thutmose which would be a twist to honor the Lucifer soul if spelled (mose or Moses). Thotmes was “The Thinker,” and Thoth (his son) the “Thot” product of his thinking. Also “Muhammad” the messenger of God who founded Islam, surely was not “the tyrant Mohammed” who was responsible for some Arabs becoming Moslems.


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