(Michael/Gabriel-Soul - "Two-in-One")

The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 41: The statement “THE GREAT AMEN IS GIVEN” is understood better when one realizes that KING TUT ANKH AMEN is an incarnation of CHRIST. The “ANK” was the key of eternal life, HIS own symbol which is shown in HIS hand. The case in which the mummy was put is covered with gold and HIS figure is cut into the coffin lid. In HIS hands are the symbols of the ROD and STAFF and on HIS head-piece are done two serpents of wisdom, intended to signify THE TWINS.

News Letter No. 19

BELOVED EGYPT will again be favored with a visit from the reincarnate builders of the Great Pyramid when enough understandings can be made for Them to be recognized in the new form. At one time when these two lived in one body that form was called King TUT. When it is GIVEN for any to SEE the new form now housing both parts of the soul in this Age, the picture of King TUT manifests over the present form by what we call Cosmic TV.

News Letter No. 23

While the “apparition” of Virgin Mary has been SEEN weeping by increasing numbers of souls who are reluctant to stir a public display, a Weeping Angel” has also been reported by many whose souls were “failing Divine Causes,” through misunderstandings of what response they should be making. The Mother always came first, gave the Child and suffered misunderstandings from mortals whose misconceptions prevented them from recognizing facts until too late. Those who have witnessed her face change from The Sphinx to George Washington whose features approximated the same form and who laid out the Thirteen States to honor the thirteen pieces of Osiris, have also recognized THOTH who carried “The ANK (key)” in every Age. Notice the key symbolized THE CHILD in its form. Who else would carry the KEY for every Age except The Mother who always gave The Child? HE was once called TUT (two crosses united in one), ANK (KEY). At that time both lived in the same body and wise Men of that Age symbolized their recognition by marking the head piece with proof, as well as putting “Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me” in the hands of the mummy.

News Letter No. 52

But “The King of Kings” is the FIRST who will be LAST, and the LAST who will be FIRST whenever the world can be made to understand enough to accept “Him as He is.” Pray for His final Advent and SEE for yourselves that “I DO” really “DO” know what they have been chosen to channel. May He who has the Cross of “two” united as one, called TUT,” the key or “ANK,” be recognized at the Advent for what his soul “A-men” stands for. He who was once the “A-Tom,” is now symbolized by His Atomic (Cosmic) Power given to mankind with the first phase of Advent of the physical form in this “Last Age.”

News Letter No. 65

Michael and Gabriel’s incarnations at times manifested as two, other times they became as one when the Michael soul left the physical plane to act as a great transformer to channel the power to the other part of that “twin soul.” Another time in Egyptian history Wise Men of their day recognized the two in one physical form known as King TUT, “T” (cross), “U” (united) with “T” (cross), as the letters of that name express so well. Then the ANKH or “key” to God’s mysteries in every life was the ever incarnating Son of God in whose consciousness was vested “The Father’s” Wisdoms. In many other lives that soul was recognized at the “AMEN” of God’s wisdoms. In the Holy Land one can find the listing of twenty-eight spellings of AMEN. This is why the Lord’s Prayer ends with “Amen,” dedicating it to the guardian angels whom Jesus sometimes called “The Fathers.”

News Letter No. 66

A book written about TUT ANK AMON, after much search over a long period of time where much money was spent for the purpose, failed to give certain answers which “I DO” will now reveal. We are certain that unless it was the experience of a soul to be identified in another incarnation with King Tut, and have been close enough to know why the Priests did not put a “Book of the Dead” in the Tut tomb, none other could get that information. Since some “I DOers” know of their identification with King Tut’s problem in former lives, we can explain it. “The Book of the Dead” was the work of “ANI” (anti) which is the same soul as Lucifer, while the soul of TUT was the “two crosses united” or both souls, the “ANK” or “key” which is the Child. One has only to look at the “Ank” to see it represents a Child, the ever-incarnating Christ, the “key” to all of the mysteries of God. The Name means “two-in-one” and none who knew this would want the “book” of Lucifer in the tomb of the “two” souls chosen by God. Priests of that time knew of the dual identity and showed their recognition by the head piece symbolizing “two,” as well as “thy rod and thy staff” which were put in the hands of Tut to prove they recognized the soul identity.

We note that those who did the research work were also mystified as to why the usual honorary ‘incense” was not allowed at the King Tut funeral. This is because “incense” was used by the negative faction to attract their “god” and certainly the “Most Holy” souls inhabiting the King Tut form would not wish to have anything to do with the works of the devil who used incense to help control minds and force attunement with negative spirits of the nether world. This is why Scriptures declare, “I hate your new moon and incense,” saith the Lord God. Surely if the moon or crescent was a symbol of the devil, and incense was his weapon, nothing that “defileth” like this would be admitted in King Tut’s tomb when it was known he represented the composite of the power of God in its physical plane manifestation for that Age. Only Wise men of the Positive faction knew the secret, and only Wise Men of this Age who have reincarnated with those secrets can possibly give them to the world, for this they were CHOSEN. It is in the Akashic record (Book of Lives) of their souls.

There are books and books about the Great Pyramid, and many speculations of mortals who think they know, but none except He whose right it is to give those secrets will do so, and He is The King of Kings, the King TUT of this Age, the ANK or CHILD, the “First” who will be “last” and “the Last who will be First.” Let us all receive HIM in any form God gives His most beloved Son, and let the world have peace and progress His “second coming” or “final Advent” can bring.

News Letter No. 74

Question: In view of what “I DO” Research might have discovered on incarnations, please tell us what the two feathers used to symbolize the soul known as Amon-Ra means. Who was He, soul-wise?

Answer: It is hard to ask us to answer an esoteric question when we know many of our readers won’t understand what you have asked or what we answer. But here goes: Amon-Ra was an incarnation of the soul known on higher planes as Gabriel, who many times personified what was known to Ancients as “The Hidden Deity,” or what Christians might call “The Father.” Jesus called Michael and Gabriel “The Fathers” and surely understood His relationship as one with them. Where He said “I and my Father are one,” He was speaking of the Deity personified as “hidden within.” Gabriel came many times to earth in a physical form containing “The Hidden One.” John the Baptist served as the physical counterpart of “The Hidden One” until he left this plane and “The Hidden One” became one with Jesus. Likewise when Jesus was gone Virgin Mary embodied “The Hidden One” until she left this plane. Upon Paul’s conversion HE began to serve in that capacity. It is a very long, deeply esoteric story which would take many books to explain fully. The “two feathers” of Amon-Ra symbolized that HE served in that capacity. Hermanubis was known to have been the compound of the God Horus (King of Kings soul) and Anubis (soul of Virgin Mary). Egyptian Wise Men knew this to be true of KING TUT, and those with “eyes to see” can recognize it in the symbolism shown on the King Tut mummy, which in several ways proves the “two in one” soul identity.

News Letter No. 77

Ø      Those two souls, or two parts of one soul, have been called by many names and titles in hundreds of incarnations while helping the world from many angles. Sometimes they manifested in one form, The Father remaining on higher planes to keep a close rapport with The Son who was sometimes symbolized as the White Horse upon which The Father rode. Other times they manifested on earth in two forms as in the time when They were known as Benjamin Franklin, “The Father” and George Washington, “The Son.” When manifesting in Egypt in one body, Wise Men of that Age symbolized their recognition of that fact by putting “Thy rod and Thy staff” in the hands of KING TUT, the last name telling the story of two crosses united in one, or two parts of the soul in one form.

Ø      But speaking for our New Age we believe perhaps the Ankh is the most common symbol used by both factions, with neither really knowing the true significance. Perhaps some realize that it was known to the Ancients as “the key to the mysteries.” Thoth always carried the Ankh because his soul was known as the “protector or keeper of the Father’s records.” Jesus called The King of Kings “The Father” and at one time spoke of both “the keeper and The Father” as “The Fathers” because Michael and Gabriel worked together as one, even in one body at times. KING TUT was an example of such a situation. The arrangement of symbolism on the mummy of King Tut showed that Wise Men of that Age recognized that fact. Thoth was the Gabriel soul in manifestation at that time. Another manifestation was Virgin Mary who also carried the KEY. Whether those who wear the Ankh symbol know it or not, that symbol represents “The Child” or “KEY” to all the mysteries of God, whose Son “The Key” always unlocked by giving new teachings to progress the world in each Age.



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