The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 51

Mars is the name of the most powerful “god” of the Ancients. He was identified with Lucifer as being the same soul, with the same willful and relentless nature. One artist told the story of the relationship of “the first triad,” in one life, by painting a picture of the Mother (VENUS) nursing The Child, whom Mars (Lucifer) snatched from her breast, threw him on the ground and was violently whipping him. The painting was intended to show Mars as the “He-rod” of that Age who always abused The Child in every life he could find Him.

News Letter No. 68

Wise Men of every Age who are close enough to God were rewarded with information about the future of souls after graduating from the necessity of more earthly lives. More advanced souls were placed in heaven worlds in keeping with the type of thinking they developed in human forms. VENUS, Mercury and Mars were the goals of more highly developed minds graduating from earthly lives under Christ, Virgin Mary and Lucifer respectively. These three souls were at times known by the Ancients by the name of the planets they ruled in highest heavens above the earth plane. Souls graduating from the necessity of more lives of earthly experiences, or who made the sixth initiation under Michael (Venus), and Gabriel (Mercury), were known to have earned most beautiful bodies and minds.



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