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The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 23

While the “apparition” of Virgin Mary has been SEEN weeping by increasing numbers of souls who are reluctant to stir a public display, a Weeping Angel” has also been reported by many whose souls were “failing Divine Causes,” through misunderstandings of what response they should be making. The Mother always came first, gave the Child and suffered misunderstandings from mortals whose misconceptions prevented them from recognizing facts until too late. Those who have witnessed her face change from The Sphinx to GEORGE WASHINGTON whose features approximated the same form and who laid out the Thirteen States to honor the thirteen pieces of Osiris, have also recognized THOTH who carried “The ANK (key)” in every Age. Notice the key symbolized THE CHILD in its form. Who else would carry the KEY for every Age except The Mother who always gave The Child? HE was once called TUT (two crosses united in one), ANK (KEY). At that time both lived in the same body and wise Men of that Age symbolized their recognition by marking the head piece with proof, as well as putting “Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me” in the hands of the mummy.

News Letter No. 27

George Washington’s vision and his understanding of same, together with his memory of past lives made it possible for that soul (second Isis – Virgin Mary) to pick up the Pieces of Osiris and begin all over again with the thirteen original States representing the thirteen pieces of Osiris (Disciples of Christ) that soul tried to unite. Ancient records tell of “the first three heads into which the Most Holy Ancient One divided Himself.” Later we find the “twelve” Disciples with the thirteenth Piece (Virgin Mary) who was one with HIM. As Joan of Arc she was the saviour of France. Wise men of that country knew she would reincarnate in America and that is the reason the Goddess of Liberty was given to the U.S.

News Letter No. 47

A very convincing proof of the reality of ghosts is found in the very authentic story of the Father of our Country who was interested enough in the promotion of righteousness that he “came” in a vision to George B. McClellan sixty-three years after Washington’s death, 1799. It was September 1862 when the Yankee General McClellan was pouring over campaign maps that he heard a booming voice in his command tent. McClellan said that GEORGE WASHINGTON “appeared” in the tent and reprimanded McClellan for his laxity in not knowing the key positions of the confederate army. The image waved a hand and the campaign maps glowed with the information so desperately needed. Washington’s ghost said, “Had God not willed it otherwise, ere the sun of tomorrow had set, the Confederate flag would wave above the Capitol and your own grave! Note what you see! The time for action is short.” McClellan scribbled the information about the locations of the confederate troops given him. Subsequently he acted upon the information, stopped Robert E. Lee’s troops at Antietam and thus ended a Confederate capture of Washington, D.C.

Before the vision vanished several prophecies of America’s future were Given to McClellan as follows: “… This Civil War is a movement from childhood to maturity.” “America must learn the lessons of self-rule and self-control because the future will place our beloved country in the vanguard of powerful civilizations.” “– America’s mission will not be finished, for ere another century of OPPRESSORS of the whole earth, hating and envying her exaltation, shall join together and raise their arms against her.” “… If the nation is worthy, the enemy will be defeated and then will end our country’s third and last struggle for her existence.”

What “I DO” know about the wonders and miracles of George Washington’s return by reincarnation would be very hard to believe if we were allowed to tell it. So the best we can say at this time is that George Washington’s soul was once incarnate as Master Hilarion (St. Hilary), of the Catholics. He served God many ways in many Ages as one of “The first triad” and is now in incarnation again, holding the reins of a very important mission for world peace and protection. Clairvoyants know where the physical form is in this Age, for they have SEEN George Washington’s picture projected on the features of the present body. Whenever God wants one of “The Great of the Earth” recognized in a new body, that which “I DO” call “Cosmic TV” proves the status in this manner.

News Letter No. 52

“I dreamt,” said the mother of Washington, “that I was sitting in the piazza of a large new house, into which we had but lately moved. George, at that time about five years old, was in the garden with his cornstalk plough, busily running furrows in the sand, in imitation of Negro Dick, a fine black boy, with whose plowing George was so taken that it was sometimes a hard matter to get him to his dinner. And so, as I was sitting in the piazza at my work, I suddenly heard in my dream a kind of roaring noise on the EASTERN side of the house. On running out to see what was the matter, I beheld a dreadful sheet of fire bursting from the roof. The sight struck me with a horror which took away my strength, and threw me, almost senseless, to the ground. My husband and the servants, as I saw in my dream, soon came up; but, like myself, were so terrified at the sight, that they could make no attempt to extinguish the flames. In this most distressing state, the image of my little son came, I thought to my mind more dear and tender than ever, and turning towards the garden where he was engaged with his cornstalk plough, I screamed out twice with all my might, ‘GEORGE! GEORGE!… In a moment, as I thought, he threw down his mimic plough, and ran to me, saying, “Hi, Ma! What makes you call so angry? Ain’t I a good boy… don’t I always run to you as soon as I hear you call?’ I could make no reply, but just threw up my arms towards the flames. He looked up and saw the house all on fire; but instead of bursting out crying, as might have been expected from a child, he instantly BRIGHTENED up and seemed ready to fly to extinguish it. But first looking at me with great tenderness, he said, ‘Oh, Ma! Don’t be afraid. God Almighty will help us, and we will soon put it out.’ His looks and words revived our spirits in so wonderful a manner, that we all instantly set about to assist him. A ladder was presently brought, on which, as I saw in my dream, he ran up with the nimbleness of a squirrel; and the servants supplied him with water, which he threw of the fire from an AMERICAN GOURD. But that growing weaker, the flames appeared to gain ground, breaking forth, and roaring most dreadfully, which so frightened the servants, that many of them, like persons in despair, began to leave him. But he, still undaunted, continued to ply it with water, animating the servants at the same time, both by his words and actions. For a long time the contest appeared very doubtful; but at length a venerable old man, with a tall cap and an iron rod in his hand, like a lightning rod, reached out to him in a curious little trough, like a WOODEN SHOE! On receiving this, George redoubled his exertions, and soon extinguished the fire.

Our joy on the occasion was unbounded. But he, on the contrary, showing no more of transport now than of terror before, looked rather sad at the sight of the great harm that had been done. Then I saw in my dream that after some time spent in deep thought, he called out with much joy, ‘Well, Ma! Now if you and the family will but consent, we can make a far better roof than this ever was; a roof of such QUALITY that, if well KEPT TOGETHER, it will LAST FOREVER: but if you take it apart, you will make the house ten thousand times worse than it was before.”

… Wise Men watching for incarnations of “the two” (souls) Scriptures declare God would choose to “put down evil” and begin a change in world affairs have no trouble in recognizing these “two” puppets of Michael and Gabriel in the forms then called Franklin (Michael) and Washington (Gabriel).

Mr. Weems adds: “This, though certainly a very curious dream, needs no Daniel to interpret it, especially if we take Mrs. Washington’s new house for the young Colony government… the fire on its east side for the Revolutionary war… the gourd, which George first employed, for the American three and six months’ enlistments… the old man, with his cap and iron rod, for Dr. Franklin… the shoe-like vessel which he reached to George for the SABAT, or Wooden Shoed nation, the FRENCH, whom Franklin courted a long time for America… and the new roof proposed by GEORGE for a staunch, honest REPUBLIC… that ‘EQUAL GOVERNEMENT,’ which, by guarding alike the welfare of all, ought by all to be so heartily beloved as TO ENDURE FOREVER.

News Letter No. 53

Wise Men watching for incarnations of the “two” (souls) whom Scriptures declare God would choose to “put down evil” and begin a change in world affairs, have no trouble recognizing those “two” puppets of Michael and Gabriel in the forms of Benjamin Franklin (Michael) physical plane manifestation for that time, and GEORGE WASHINGTON, the physical plane puppet for Gabriel. Washington is symbolized in Washington’s Mother’s dream-vision, with a “high-cap” or (highest Wisdom) and the “iron rod” which is the symbol used in Scriptures for the complete control when the King of Kings will “rule the world with an iron rod.” This is the same symbol used to prove the soul of Aaron to be used to serve as “the rod of iron” in the hand of the Michael (The King of Kings) manifestation for that day. Moses has been credited with much honor for bringing water from the rock with Aaron’s rod. In symbolism “water” means “Truth” which was the attributes of Michael and Gabriel.

News Letter No. 58

Sainted souls, known on higher planes as “Angels,” always incarnated on earth when it was necessary to afford the right kind of leadership for the progress of humanity. We have repeated many times that They were always great Leaders. Each life was carefully planned to give some progress for humanity which mortal progress made imperative for whatever Age the need manifested. These “Great of the earth” have many times served on earth as kings, queens, musicians, poets, religious leaders, and even presidents of the United States, such as WASHINGTON and Lincoln, whose souls were of “The Highest Holiest.” There are also many other incarnations of the “two,” one of Them being Benjamin Franklin, whose “light of the world” silently symbolized the soul using that form as manifestation for progress needed at the time.

News Letter No. 61

The discussion about body types brings the necessity of explanations of how the “Good Indians” (of red body lives) had been higher initiate souls who offered to be born among the Indians to help the process of their evolution toward better conditions. White people who did wrong by the red men were required to take bodies of the red underprivileged peoples to make up for what injustices they did to the Indians. Likewise souls of the Hiawatha initiation, who asked to serve The Great Spirit as a Guide for Indians, was rewarded for his services to the Red Men, by becoming GEORGE WASHINGTON, who proceeded to develop better conditions on this continent for the “Good Indians” who would later be born in high places to help their people from a more advantageous position. Rewards then became effected by reincarnation as Indian chiefs, or leaders, under whose authority the evil white men’s souls had to reincarnate as underprivileged Indians of our day. There is absolutely no escape from the laws of karma.

News Letter No. 64

Ø      As North American Indians, Master Minds incarnated among the red men to try to raise their standards. Failing to accomplish from that angle, they then incarnated as White Statesmen. Faithful followers of the Indian incarnations were “chosen” to reincarnate as White Leaders. Hiawatha then became GEORGE WASHINGTON, once the Indian Chief from whom the State of Idaho got its name. Some good souls faithful to The Great Spirit remained in Indian bodies to try to help the laggards to better conditions.

Ø      One has only to compare the pictures of George Washington with that of the Sphinx to discover where that soul was serving God in the beginning history of the United States. Napoleon knew this and understood his status as the reincarnate soul who had great disdain for the Father and Son who built the Great Pyramid to protect records they knew the negative faction were determined to destroy. When Napoleon failed to break into the pyramid he mutilated the face of the Sphinx to show disdain for the soul the Sphinx symbolized. All through the histories of mankind we can find records of the negative faction trying to destroy the records of the Positive faction, and the Positive faction striving to protect what they knew the negative were after.

News Letter No. 66

Sun worshippers thought of the soul who served as the physical plane instrument of God as the SUN descending to earth in human form which they called “Osiris.” The Moon god then on earth was called “Isis,” the EVE-il one who “cut Osiris to pieces” as the story is related about the sufferings of the Son of God of that Age at the hands of the Lucifer puppet called Isis, who gave “riddles and plagues.” The second Isis was the soul known as Virgin Mary, who had inherited the World Mother position when Eve or Lucifer “fell” the first time because of trying to “shine in Michael’s stead,” a record incorporated in many religious teachings. In every life the Eve or Lucifer soul took advantage of the Son of God and separated the Disciples if possible, which was expressed by stating that “Osiris” was “cut to pieces.” The Pieces were the Disciples. The story then goes on to relate how “the second Isis (soul once known as Virgin Mary) searched the world for the pieces of Osiris and built a Shrine wherever she found one of them.” Since there were the first four triads, or twelve Disciples, she became the thirteenth piece. The thirteen first States, as well as the thirteen first stars and stripes of the American flag, bore out the same story because it was the content of the soul of GEORGE WASHINGTON who, in fact, was one of the souls known as a “piece” of the soul of “Osiris.”

News Letter No. 74

Symbols were used by ancient peoples to tell stories of souls before language forms were established by alphabets. Both the Positive and negative factions used symbolism to tell their stories. One feather meant “Truth,” where two feathers were used to symbolize the two souls who functioned as one. Jesus called them “The Fathers.” These were Michael and Gabriel on higher planes, as well as whatever physical forms were used to manifest them on earth. For more protection, the King of Kings frequently manifested as “hidden.” Sometimes when They had two forms on earth, both functioned as “hidden,” an “unspotted” necessity to get the work for an incarnation accomplished without interference by the Lucifer “wolves,” “the watchers” who always served the great dragon who ever stood ready to “swallow up.” An instance of this type of relationship is found in the lives of Benjamin Franklin and GEORGE WASHINGTON.

News Letter No. 77

Those two souls, or two parts of one soul, have been called by many names and titles in hundreds of incarnations while helping the world from many angles. Sometimes they manifested in one form, The Father remaining on higher planes to keep a close rapport with The Son who was sometimes symbolized as the White Horse upon which The Father rode. Other times they manifested on earth in two forms as in the time when They were known as Benjamin Franklin, “The Father” and GEORGE WASHINGTON “The Son.” When manifesting in Egypt in one body, Wise Men of that Age symbolized their recognition of that fact by putting “Thy rod and Thy staff” in the hands of King Tut, the last name telling the story of two crosses united in one, or two parts of the soul in one form.



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