White Dove


The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and a “TRUTH” News Letter. 

Booklet I: “Keys to Truths Unrecognized

Page 30-31: WHITE DOVE, the sixteen year old Mother who produced what the Indians considered an illegitimate CHILD, died of shock which the incarnate Devil of that time forced upon her. Akashic records show that HIAWATHA was an incarnation of Gabriel when he went to “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” A history of HIS life will prove that “by their works ye shall know them”. WHITE DOVE took another incarnation very soon and grew up to work with HIM as HIS wife, but Devil forces came against her again while HIAWATHA was on a hunting trip and she was taken away from HIM the second time in one life.

News Letter No. 02

Again there is the story of WHITE DOVE, a sixteen-year-old Indian girl who gave the Indians their Spiritual Leader, Hiawatha, now recognized by esoterics as having been an incarnation of Gabriel. She died of shame because it was believed she had an illegitimate child.

News Letter No. 24

The King of Kings will continue His promise to “stand by” the soul who has served as recorder and guardian of the Covenants. Whether known as Thoth who carried the key, Ank (Child), or Virgin Mary who presented Jesus to the Christians, the same soul always carried the Ank, (key) or Child, for every Age. As WHITE DOVE of the North American Indians she was shamed to death because of misunderstandings concerning the birth of Hiawatha. Nevertheless the child grew up tell the Indians HE was sent by The Great Spirit to teach them to live in love and peace. After causing the chiefs of so many nations to promise to live in love and peace, He sailed off into the skies in His Canoe, saying He would return in a place called Eedahow, for which the State of Idaho was named. Each year He “appears” in the skies the 28th of July at the finish of the Sun-dance – if the Indians are at peace.



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