White Kali


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and a “TRUTH” News Letter. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 32: She (EVE) was also the original ISIS who cut OSIRIS (CHRIST) to pieces and scattered the “pieces,” – meaning she uprooted HIS organization and scattered the Disciples of that time in every direction. The second ISIS, or VIRGIN MARY, tried to find all the “pieces” and unite them. The first and evil ISIS is the same as EVE who is called “Mother Superior” in the Kabbala, known to Theosophists as Besant, who is shown in India as the Dark Kali standing on the body of WHITE KALI (Virgin Mary) who was known as MASTER HILARION in one incarnation.

Booklet IV: “The Truth about Men from Outer Space

Page 15: In India she (Eve) is shown as the Black Kali who was the mother (of matter) who kills the White Kali (mother of spirit) or Virgin Mary upon whom she stands with many heads strung about her neck and another in her hand.

News Letter No. 66

In the Age when the “first triad” or “Trinity” souls were called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva the Hindi religion came into being. Brahma is the same as Michael or The King of Kings of Christian understandings. Vishnu was the Gabriel manifestation, later incarnated as Virgin Mary. In one life she was called “WHITE KALI.”



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