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The First Triad



The "Michael-Gabriel-Lucifer" Triad


The Relationship of The First Triad with World Religions on the Earth Plane

“I DO” conducted a very important research with a tremendously broad scope, starting with records of men from the time of Adam, the first man in God’s likeness, or the first human being who was capable of representing God on earth. His spiritual side belonged to God even though the earthly part stooped to materiality because of the negation of this earth. When Eve was taken from the side of Adam, as the story goes, it signifies the separation of the soul, the evil being taken away from the better part. The ribs of the man represent other members of the family of older souls known as Angels on higher planes. Since one of them was Lucifer, this evil rib had to be taken from Adam’s side. The separation of the soul was the beginning of the two factions on earth. Esoteric histories show Eve in later lives being called Evvl, which is the foundation of the word D’evil (devil).

Adam seems to be the first account of God being represented on earth by a physical form. God, through His Son Adam, is the Father of all humanity (the spiritual side of humanity). Eve then is recognized as the mother of material man and the beginning of sin. It seems that after God decided men should no longer be born after a material fashion, Eve changed things by temptations and populated the earth from a material union instead of a spiritual. There are accounts of “Mind Born” children of a very ancient civilization, showing considerable spiritual attunement was necessary to produce a higher type of mortal. No doubt Adam himself was the first one of this type. Later, when the Masters of Wisdom, or Archangels were called “gods,” Zeus changed the picture by rejection of the “second” soul (Lucifer) and initiated Gabriel (Ganymede) into that position. This resulted in the “Little Sister” soul of Gabriel or Virgin Mary, inheriting the position of “World Mother” (of Spirit) which the Lucifer (Eve) “world mother” (of matter) had previously held. This gave rise to the The First Triad: Michael-Gabriel-Lucifer.

This allegory about Zeus who became so impetuous with the woman who was producing The Child that he killed her and “sewed up The Child in his thigh to incubate it himself,” is somewhat equal in esoteric understandings to the story of Kabbala Unveiled where Macroprosopus (Christ) chose Microprosopus (Mary) instead of Baima (Eve who became too evil for him to withstand).

The Bible laments the Fall of Eve by asking, “My faithful One, my faithful one, why hast thou fallen?” Before the Fall, Eve served by producing the bodies for The Child, but produced a physical body for Lucifer (Cain) instead. Then came Abel, the body for Michael. Cain then killed Abel, and continued this pattern through the Ages whenever he spotted the reincarnate Michael and any of His Disciples. HE (Adam) was ever the First Son of God. After the choosing of Microprosopus (Virgin Mary) for “His Habitation” as stated in the Kabbala Unveiled, They functioned the birth arrangements for each other, or had some member of the immediate family produce bodies for Them.

One finds the same triad mentioned several times in the Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers. Once they were Macroprosopus, Microprosopus and Baima, “the mother in whom they stumbled”. Later in the book they are called Rabba Schimeon (Michael), Rabba Eleazar (Gabriel) and Rabba Abba (Lucifer).

Each faction gave rise to their own religions throughout the Ages. Positively controlled religions have the rising or setting Sun as their symbols. They think of the morning and evening stars (Christ and Mary) as connected in activity.

These souls may be identified as Father and Son, Michael and Gabriel, Osiris and the Second Isis, the Lord Buddha and Ananda, Brahma and Vishnu, Macroprosopus and Microprosopus, Kuthumi and Hilarion, the Twins, or by many other titles known to various religions they are identified with in some life. There is always a third member who can be found following along and claiming identification. It was he who had so much power that the other two dared not expose him. This was the Lucifer-Soul (Satan, the Devil) who always tried to “shine in His stead,” and as Neptune, carried the trident to prove that he had originally been a member of the first Triad. “The Great Deceiver” hid behind an illusion which caused recorders to credit “The Holy Ghost” as if it were the fullness of the Godhead, when that title in actuality belongs to the third party, or negative pole of the Trinity.



Father (Center, and Above), Son (to His right) and Holy Ghost (to His left)

Also known on Higher Planes as Michael (Christ), Gabriel (Virgin Mary) and Lucifer (Satan, the Devil).

(Lucifer, on the right hand side of the painting, is shown misappropriating the positive Dove symbol...)






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Michael Adam;








Gautama Buddha  

        Zeus            (Son of Osiris - responsible for the first "fall" of Lucifer, whose incarnation at the time was Hera);



Venus Father Michael Kuthumi
Gabriel  Microprosopus;

 Rabbi Eleazar


             White Kali               (mother of spirit)


 Second Isis;




Ganymede (consort of Zeus - replaced Lucifer  after the first "fall" of the EVE-il one);




Mercury Son Gabriel Hilarion





Rabbi Abba



             Black Kali                 (mother of matter)

 First Isis;



   Hoti Buddha   (Fat-Bellied)  








Holy Ghost Moroni  El Morya (Master "M")


Divine Manifestations and Incarnations of Michael

Michael is on the "Love and Wisdom" Ray...





Divine Manifestations and Incarnations of Gabriel

Gabriel is on the "Love, Wisdom and Will" Ray...





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